Saturday, October 20, 2007


...but surely, some progress is being made. I've been working (mostly subconsciously) on this problem of how to raise/earn more money for our adoption fund and it seems the wheels are slowly beginning to turn again.

We finally got my studio lights and backdrop set up in the basement, which means I can further apply my skills as a photographer and maybe make a little extra money (outside the graduation photography thing) on the weekends. I already did one photo shoot for a friend and I'm working on making myself a little flier to hand out in an effort to get some additional business. One portrait session doesn't take a ton of time so it's quite feasible for me to do several photo shoots in one weekend if I can generate that much interest. Digital has made the whole process so much easier and reduced my costs enough that I can do this for a reasonable price. Hopefully it will help.

Another project in the works is the Mary Kay open house my friend Molly (with the help of my sisters) is organizing on our behalf. The official date and all the details are still being sorted out but the general plan is to invite literally everyone we know to a holiday themed open house. Molly is being exceptionally awesome by doing this...she's going to donate all the profits from the open house to our adoption fund. I'm a little nervous about it because I hope it ends up being worth her putting in so much time and effort but I do greatly appreciate her offer to do this for us.

Other than that life is still flying on as usual! I can't believe how quickly this fall is coming and going but I guess that's what happens when you're busy all the time. For now I'm off to do (at least a little) decorating for Halloween.

Peace Out,