Monday, July 16, 2012


This got such a strong reaction on Facebook that I decided to post it here, too. Sometimes when you live with a spirited little person like ours, you just have to laugh. After we went shopping, I put the peaches on the counter. He wanted one right then but dinner was being put on the table so I told him, "No peaches before dinner." We ate, took a bath and everything was good. As I was gathering his lotion and pajamas after bath (a two-minute job at best,) he busied himself sampling, not one, but ALL the peaches.

When my mom saw this she laughed and said, "That reminds me of Ramona and the apples." And indeed, it does! Which leaves me wondering...are we raising Ramona's male counterpart? Sometimes I'd like to think we are. In his defense, the peaches are absolutely delicious, as they often are this time of year. Besides, as another Facebook commenter put it, "The first bite's the best!" And indeed...who can argue with that? Certainly not our little boy!!