Sunday, July 1, 2007

Details and more details

So we had our intake appointment on Thursday. It went well but was much quicker than I had anticipated. I'm not sure what I expected exactly but she basically just showed us all of the forms we have to fill out and briefly explained each one. I had a couple of questions but really it was hard to think of them right then and there. I know that once I read through all the forms and paperwork we received, and especially once we begin filling out forms I will have questions.

The packet we received includes the following paperwork we have to complete before our home study can begin:
  • Two mini-books for us to read on open adoption
  • Two two-page "common fears and concerns of adoption" forms, one for each of us
  • Two one-page "fantasy child" questionnaires, one for each of us
  • A form asking for three personal references
  • Two criminal records petition forms, one for each of us
  • Two two-page adult medical reports for each of us to fill out with our doctors
  • A two-page family financial assessment
  • A CSS Fee agreement
  • A home study checklist including several additional pieces of documentation we will need
In addition to all of that we also have to fill out an online family background analysis that's four typed pages. She said that one will be the hardest because it's all about family history, etc. and it's very detailed which means it can take some time to complete.

We also received the forms for and learned more about the adoptive parenting classes we will be attending in July. They are broken down into four sessions, each about three-and-a-half hours long.

Here is the blurb from our paperwork about the classes:

"We believe that these classes are beneficial to anyone interested in or seriously pursuing adoption, whether through Catholic Social Services, another agency, an attorney or internationally. Please think about joining us. In a fun, non-threatening environment, our series of four classes attempts to prepare families for parenting through adoption by "walking in the shoes" of all members of the adoption circle. In addition to the didactic presentations, each session features a panel of adoptive parents, birth families and/or adoptees who will share their experiences with adoption.'s a lot of information to process and I am feeling slightly overwhelmed but I have a feeling this is only the beginning. Still...I said I wanted more information so I could stay busier and stop thinking so much about what was to come so I guess that particular wish was granted!


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