Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Water Park Wednesday

Mr. Baby and I had a great day at the water park today! Due to the unseasonably cool summer we've had so far, this was the first day we were able to go swimming for more than a few minutes. We did go swimming one other time, but that was in a lake and it wasn't warm enough to swim for any length of time.

Today was perfect weather-wise, we had so much fun. We also had some great company consisting of my friend, Nancy (the one from my previous post,) Nancy's best friend, Kate, who is in town right now from Boston, along with her husband and their four children. Our water park gang included four adults and five children, ranging in age from three months to 15 years. I've been hanging out with these guys off and on all week, and I can see how I could become spoiled to having so many little helpers running around! Charlie is loving all the attention he's getting from the cool big kids, and well...I'm enjoying having him entertained without having to worry.

The first thing we did was go into the wave pool, which was a little overwhelming for Charlie until I held him really close. Once the waves came on, he was sound asleep in a matter of minutes. It was really sweet for me to snuggle him close while the waves gently rocked us back and forth. After that, we spent some time in the wading pool, where Charlie actually kicked his legs a little bit. After a bottle, lunch, and diaper change, we headed back to the water, this time to the lazy river. We were in an inter-tube, and again, little C. was asleep before we even made a full circle around the river. Honestly, these are moments I will cherish forever...even though there are no photos of the sweetness.

In other news, Charlie rolled from his tummy to his back this morning! He was lying on our bed the first time he did it, so we moved him to the floor...and sure enough, over he want! I don't think he's quite figured it all out just yet, but he's well on the way.

He's also doing some major teething right now. He's not eating as much, and he's drooling non-stop. He's almost always got his firsts crammed into his mouth, and if not that then he's chewing on something.

I can't imagine him with little white teeth in his mouth, but at the same time I can't wait! It's funny, even when he's clearly not feeling his best he's such a happy little boy. How did we get so lucky?


Kel said...

I need to smooch those cheeks!!! :D

I'm glad you had fun today!

Becky said...

Oh, that last pic is to die for!! How sweet is that?!!

Jill said...

That last picture is INCREDIBLE! He just looks like the happiest baby EVER! Congrats on the milestone reached today! Isn't it bittersweet? Sometimes I wish they could stay babies forever!
Hugs Melba!

Tracey said...

What a happy little boy. You can see the love in his eyes for you.

H said...

These pics make me smile:) Charlie has the cutest eyes and smile! I can just picture you at the pool with fun! Glad you finally got to go; come down here and you HAVE to get in the pool or you'll fry:)

Jamie said...

oh, that sounds like a wonderful wonderful day! :) we have so many water parks here but it's so stinkin hot during the day that i can't even go! :) glad you had such a great time!
congratulations to little charlie for rolling over! i'll never forget when milo started doing that. it was so spuratic for a while (quite a while) and then one day....bam.... it just clicked and he did it all day long from there on out. :)
charlie is just adorable! those photos are priceless and i ask myself the same question day after day....."how did i get so luck?!" :) isn't it a wonderful feeling?!! :)

Anne said...

I love your posts and always look forward to new pics of your handsome son. It's wonderful to hear how good he is doing. Hugs to Charlie.

E said...

The pics are wonderful, but that last one takes the, so adorable!!! Great to hear you had such a fun day at the water park. Sounds like a lot of fun.

Debbie B said...

Way to go Charlie on rolling over. Just don't get yourself in trouble with this new talent.

I remember those days of Isable not feeling well but we never would have known it. Sadly with this ear infection those days are apparently behind us. :-)
Hope he cuts a tooth soon after all that drooling and chewing.