Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Half a Year Ago...

Half a year. When you say it like that, the time seems so much longer, and so much more momentous, which is exactly how it feels to me. I honestly cannot believe Charlie is six months old today. He is the greatest blessing I could ever have asked for, and I am awed by his existence. Six months ago today, our lives were on the cusp of great change, though we didn't know it at the time. On that fateful late April day, a tiny star was born. I am immensely grateful for the life of our son, and for the tremendous sacrifices made by his first mother so that he could be.

My sincere thanks go to Tracey for the adorable sweater Charlie is wearing here!

Charlie is an amazing little boy. He delights me every single day with his sweet personality, and with all the new things he learns. He is joyful, and his happiness is catching. He has recently started babbling in his sleep, and even laughing sometimes too. It is the most darling thing I've ever seen or heard. When I look at him, it is crystal clear to me: we needed this little boy! People tell us all the time that he's so lucky to have us, but I know we're the ones who are lucky! There is nothing sweeter to me than when I look into his soulful, brown eyes and see so much love reflected there. The way he watches me, and the way he smiles when we find each other, it is purely golden. Though I feel buoyed by his love for me, his need of me, I also feel that I'm not worthy of such adoration from this little person. I guess all mothers feel that to an extent?

There are a lot of changes forthcoming with the physical age of six months. He gets new pacifier nipples, new bottle nipples, and he can begin eating a much greater variety of solid foods now, all of which is very exciting.

I spent a good portion of this past weekend making baby food for him, and I had so much fun! I made butternut squash, carrots, green beans, and apples, which I hope he will like. I'm excited for this new phase of babyhood and all the new experiences!

He started with green beans today... far he's not too thrilled about them!

I'm not sure why exactly, but I've gotten a lot of satisfaction out of making Charlie's food. I think it must be similar (though very different, of course!) to that feeling a mother gets when she's breast feeding her baby. The knowledge that I'm giving my baby the best there is, and saving money at the same time is empowering!

In other developments, Charlie has recently become very good with his hands, which is pretty amazing to watch. He grabs at almost everything he sees now (including our glasses at the dinner table, and the glasses off my face!) and he will practice moving objects from one hand to the other. I love watching him do this over and over as he experiments with different items.

Today we went out in the back yard and played in the leaves. Of course, he kept wanting to put the them in his mouth, but he quickly figured out they're not the best tasting things in the world.

I guess Mommy knows a thing or two when she says the leaves taste yucky!

He's also sitting up on his own now, though he will still topple occasionally if he's not 100 % balanced. We are still waiting on the teeth, but I keep thinking they will make a grand entrance any day now! He seems to really enjoy touching things. Often when I'm holding him he will rub my face with his hands, and grab my mouth while I'm talking. It is both funny and sweet when he does this.

He won't go to the doctor until next week, but he currently weighs almost exactly 16 pounds, and I would guess he's about 26 inches long. He's loving bath time these days, which I think is due at least in part to the fact that he can sit up in his tub now. His nails certainly do grow quickly though! Do any of the rest of you have trouble keeping up with your little one's nails? This is something that's been a lot harder for me than I ever expected. I have to cut them almost every three or four days, and with all the face touching and grabbing lately it's problematic if I forget.

Though they have been a complete whirlwind, these past six months have been some of the best of my entire life. I mentioned in this post that I had a good feeling about my 33rd year, and it turns out my predictions were correct, our baby was already on the way a few days after I wrote that post. My truest self is the part of me that is "mother." I am loving being able to finally walk in those shoes. I am so glad, and so relieved that I no longer have to daydream about being a mother, and that I can now finally get down to the business of being one!

I hope and pray that those of you who are still waiting have your heart's desire fulfilled soon too.


Anonymous said...

His "yuck" face is priceless! Too cute.

Rebekah said...

What a gift! I can't believe it's been 6 months either! I remember the day I logged in and heard about your call! My heart rejoiced for you then and it continues to as we raise our boys together!

Ty started homemade applesauce this week (a little early, but he wasn't digging the cereal on its own!). It is so much fun watching him experience the world for the first time!

I, too, plan to make all our baby food! I'm going to start making/freezing the veggies, this weekend!

Tracey said...


Note: Charlie...listen to Mom, leaves do not taste good...she really knows best!

RB said...

I love the yucky leaves picture! Priceless!

KLTTX said...

He is absolutely gorgeous.

Jill said...

Oh Melba! You ARE so blessed! If Charlie is even half as sweet as he is cute, well, you will be in trouble some day! LOL!
I hope to one day meet you all, and get to see his cuteness in person!
Hugs, Jill

hope548 said...

I know just how you feel. All the time I tell our son how lucky I am to be his mom.
Yes, the nail clipping is never ending. Luckily his fingernails grow a lot faster than his toenails, because he doesn't like to keep his feet still at all!
Happy 6 months Charlie!

BB said...

I LOVE this!! This post just completely reminds me how similar we are (and apparently our babies, too!).

I have the same feelings about making babyfood. I have a ridiculous amount of fun doing it and it makes me feel soooo good! Riley has nail "issues" too (although they are really MY issues - both in clipping them and having my face shredded by them when I don't).

Sometimes I am literally overwhelmed by the enormity of being this girl's mother. I can't believe it. I really can't. Sometimes the very thought that she is my child forever is just too much to handle. How can I be this lucky??

Riley still hasn't broken any teeth. She sure is trying though!!

Ashley said...

Cute new blog header! Can't believe your little man is half a year old. Time flies, huh?

I absolutely loved making Declan's babyfood. It is an intense satisfaction of providing for him and building a healthy foundation. Congrats on taking the time to do it!

We have similar nail issues. I cut his finger nails at least once a week- sometimes twice.

Keep those pictures coming- I just can't get enough Charlie!!!

KT said...

Oh Melba, what a cutie pie you have! I loved the picture where he is holding the leaf…

Jamie said...

oh, this is such a fun stage! :) all of the new things just seem to start happening overnight and pretty soon he's going to be cruising all over the house! :) he is such a little cutie pie. don't worry if he doesn't like his baby food this early....milo wouldn't eat anything until about 2 weeks before his 8 month birthday! :) now he's ready for anything and everything! he also didn't cut his first tooth until he was just over 7 months. he still only has two now. :)
i have the same issue with milo's nails ~ i swear they grow an inch overnight! :) i try and trim them when he's drinking his bottle. :)

great job on making your own baby food! i haven't done that ~ although i've used earth's best organic & kosher baby i feel good about that. :)i wish i had the motivation to do that....
thank you for sharing pieces of your life with us ~ the feelings of being blessed beyond measure just never go away. :)

Nancy said...

Happy 6-month birthday, Charlie! I can't believe he's growing up so fast. He's completely adorable.

As for the fingernails, I'm finding that too! Norah's nails grow so fast and she's already scratched her face a few times. I try to cut them, but it scares me to cut so close to her tiny little fingers.

Life and Adoption! said...

He is just too cute! Love the pic with the leaf in his mouth, that's so sweet! And as far as baby nails, those things are sharp! I have always been told to cut them when the baby is asleep. It's still hard because they are so tiny though!

Laurie said...

I made my daughter's baby food too. It was some of my favorite memories of her being a baby. I felt the same way you do, if I couldn't breastfeed I can atleast steam squash!! And it is not difficult, but SO fullfilling. Do you use the magic bullet blender? I have heard that is great for this!