Sunday, June 24, 2007

Garage Sale

Towards the end of last week I somehow managed to motivate myself enough to clean out our garage, with the intent of participating in our neighborhood-wide garage sale this year. This basically means I've spent most of the past two weekends either in our garage or our driveway working my tail off. Despite the hard work of cleaning out garages, basements, closets, etc. it's always nice when the work is done and you can sit back and admire all the new-found space.

This time around my efforts were for a dual purpose. I decided to apply the garage sale proceeds to our adoption fund, thereby killing two birds with one stone: a cleaner, more organized garage and a little additional cash for our nest. This weekend was the actual garage sale and it went pretty well. While it was a lot of work to clean, organize and price all that stuff, I actually enjoyed sitting out in the yard chatting with people, meeting a few neighbors for the first time, and finding excellent uses for so much of our excess stuff. All totaled after Friday and Saturday I ended up with close to $150.00 that I can take straight to the bank. Not too bad for a few days of work that was begging to be done anyway...good times!

We should probably hear from the people at Catholic Social Services (CSS) this week sometime and then our intake evaluation will be scheduled. I am anxious to find out all the details of the adoption education classes we will take in July, as well as all the other ins and outs of our road toward becoming adoptive parents. I know it will probably be overwhelming when we get all the information but at least then I can feel like I'm being productive and like progress is being made towards our goal. My hope is that I'll feel less anxious overall when I can keep myself busy with adoption-related research and projects.

I guess time will tell...

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