Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Family Photos

Nothing like some old family photos to cheer a girl up! I received the photo album of Michael's childhood from my sister-in-law today. My hubby sure was cute...not that he's not cute now but...what a sweet little boy! Anyway, now all I have to do is round up a few photos from my younger years and then I can get started on our adoption book. I've decided to go digital since it will be easier to make changes and order multiple copies that way. Plus, the new digital books I can create through Creative Memories are pretty sweet. This photo album is a daunting task, but now that my crazy semester is almost over I should have a little more time to work on it.

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TRACEY said...

My husband was adopted at 4 days old, so my mother-in-law gave me some great pictures of him as a baby too. He will be able to share his situation with our child when it comes time to explain the adoption. God Bless