Saturday, June 7, 2008


I was reading back over my first post here on this blog just now and it made me realize...we've actually come a long way since then. My hair's grown out quite a bit too! It's pretty cool to be able to look back over our journey to this point and realize where we were a little less than a year ago.

The decision to pursue adoption has been freeing for me in so many ways. I was just explaining to a friend the other day what some of my worst infertility treatments were like. The mere memory was enough to exhaust me! I am SO GLAD...and SO THANKFUL that those days are behind us now. I know that when we do finally get the chance to become parents we are going to understand what all the waiting has been about.

I've been reading so many blogs lately and the personal stories and connections with other people who have walked or are walking this road is truly invaluable. As I read, and think, and then write my own story, I realize I am exactly where I should be. Even though the road has been long, winding, and sometimes full of angst and pain...even though I absolutely do not understand why the goal of parenthood is so easy for some and so difficult for others...I have been able to find so much value in connecting with fellow adopters. Speaking of this...Michael and I are heading to a BBQ picnic later this afternoon. Some former adoptive parents from our agency have recently started up a support group, and we're so close to being in the pool that we've decided to check it out. I'm somewhat nervous, but I also think it will be good for us to go. Hey...if nothing else we'll get to enjoy hamburgers, etc. together on a warm summer afternoon...I can't complain!

This was not meant to be such a long entry, gees! I woke up again to let the dogs out and have gotten a little side tracked. This time, at least, I AM I'm off to dreamland once again. I'll post updates of how our BBQ goes!


Becky said...

You journal so beautifully about your journey! You just sound like such a sweet person and I know you have a very big heart to give your child/ren!
I wish I had had this tool while I was waiting. I think it's great to be able to get it all out in front of you...and how wonderful to look back and see how far you have come!
I know that feeling of relief, once you let go of the pursuit for pregnancy and realize that all you are after is a baby....a child that will still be every bit your very own! IF and all that goes with it is so stressful and so taxing on us and I think we may not realize just how much so until we leave it behind! Then, we are finally able to breath again and remember what that was like! To breath without crying every second!! :o)

So glad you are visiting that group! Hope you are asking lots of questions and getting a lot of new, helpful informaion!
Happy weekend!

Dave Gerhart said...

We are REALLY glad that the infertility treatments are behind us. I still can't believe Amy went through all as really hard on her.

The jouney ahead is a challenging but exciting one, and there's an unbelievable blessing from God at the end of the road! Enjoy the ride, and know that we're here for you!

Bri said...

We have also found that adoption has been a much more peaceful journey for us. It's funny how different it is to hope for a baby rather than hoping for a pregnancy. We have created our own little support group with friends we have met through our classes. We love to get together with them, and it is wonderful when it isn't so much about adoption but just being friends. I'm sure you will take a lot and contribute a lot!

katd said...

What a fantastic attitude! I felt the exact same way when we decided to pursue adoption. With adoption, at least you know how to proceed for the most part and if you're willing to wait, you KNOW for sure you'll be a parent.
I love reading your blog, by the way! :)