Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nine Month Notes

Well, Mr. C. is a whopping nine months old today, I am shocked! Where has the time gone? Where has my tiny, squishy baby gone? Who is this crawling, babbling, drumming, adorable, and lovable little person who now follows me from room to room? He has quite the little personality emerging, that's for sure!

Month eight has been my favorite so far. He learned so much this last month that it's even left my head spinning a little. I'm still trying to figure out how it all happened so fast. Here are the things our 19.4 lb, 28 inch-long little man either does or understands:
  • He crawls! And he's apparently going to be one of those babies who goes directly from crawling to cruising since he already wants to pull himself up on everything!
  • He plays peek-a-boo (as can be seen in the preceding video blog post) and other games like when I smell his "stinky feet" and make a face. He laughs so hard!
  • He waves and clearly says "Hi" when he sees us or other favorite people.
  • He shares his paci and food with us--a high honor indeed!
  • He loves to read books. Today he even cried when I only had time to read Brown Bear once.
  • He's beginning to indicate what he wants with body language. Leaning towards books or toys, raising his arms to be picked up, etc.
  • He sometimes babbles or laughs in his sleep. It's the cutest thing in the world. I may have mentioned this in another post, not sure, but I find it interesting that I've always talked in my sleep and now our son does too. :)
  • He's practicing cause and effect by doing things and then watching to see what happens. This is most evident when he tries to pull my glasses off my face, or yank on my hair/earrings. All of these things are habits that we are very much trying to curb but I still find the observation of his behaviors and their consequences interesting. He's beginning to understand the words "gentle" and "no."
  • He's mastered the sippy cup like a pro now and for some reason thinks drinking water is extremely funny.
  • He seems to love just about every food I make for him. His all-time favorite is still sweet potatoes, but he also really loves brussels sprouts, peas, carrots, broccoli/cauliflower/carrot medley, lintel soup and whole wheat spaghetti with ground turkey and veggies. I'm really enjoying making him "real" meals in addition to the simple purees I've been creating all along.
  • We thought we had lost all of his pacifiers (a strange phenomenon in a baby-household, similar to disappearing socks) but today Michael found four or five of them under C's bed. I guess he must be throwing them out of his crib.
  • Speaking of his crib, he seems to have suddenly made peace with that part of his life. I won't lie, we've been struggling with the whole sleeping habits thing (another post) but now he seems to have gotten the idea that we do come back when he needs us or when he's ready to get up.
  • He loves to be sung to and will almost always stop what he's doing and listen when I sing. This is one of our nightly rituals, cherished by both parties.
  • He loves other music too, especially wind chimes. There are chimes on our porch that he likes and also chimes at my parents house that he looks for every time we go there.
  • He knows about the moon from "Goodnight Moon" and tonight he saw the real deal for the first time ever. He grinned from ear to ear, which was adorable!
  • He is really and truly happy almost all the time, even when it's clear he doesn't feel well. As such, he makes me remember what really matters in life.
Overall my adventures in parenting this amazing little boy throughout the past nine months have been tremendous! I continually learn as much from him as he does from me. There are parts of being a mommy (as with any job) that are mundane, gross, boring, and overwhelming but by and large, the joy I get from our son far outweighs the challenges. I can't wait to see what month nine brings!


Jamie said...

happy 9 months little charlie! i loved that stage ~ it was one of my favorites by far. :) he sounds like such a smart little man melba ~ it really amazes me at the things our little ones learn each day. i get so excited and eager to share when milo learns something new all of a sudden. :) it sounds like he is recognizing so much and i love the story about the moon. :) yes...being a mama is by far the most amazing thing i've ever had the privilege of being. :) enjoy this special day! :)

BB said...

What a big boy! I find it interesting that R thinks drinking from a sippy cup is hilarious also! It is her favorite passtime!

I can't believe how time passes. With every milestone, I have a mixture of my heart breaking and my heart swelling with pride at the same time. Slow down, little ones. Stay babies for just a bit longer!

Denver Jen said...

This is so fun to read and to see all of the fun we have to look forward to. He seems like such a sweet, good-natured boy. It's been fun watching him grow.

Patti said...

Soon you'll be planning a birthday party!

Clickin Mama J said...

Oh Melba he is so dang cute. Months 8 and 9 were too of my favorite also. Such an explosion of development in that time frame. When I moved my guy from his crib to a toddler bed I found 17 pacifiers behind the crib. Crazy how they get away. :-)

I did a post on how to disable right click on your blog. It's really easy to do.

Evergreen said...

What a beautiful post! Thanks for sharing! I find myself both eager to see "what's next" and mourning how fast she is growing. I guess I'll be doing that for the rest of my life. C sounds like such a dear.

E said...

Happy 9 months to sweet, happy Charlie! It's great that you've documented all of these special things that he is doing now. thanks for sharing them with us!

Anonymous said...

He just keeps getting more adorable! I'm glad he's being such a sweetheart for you because month 9 with Evie was one of the hardest with separation anxiety. I can't believe he's already playing peekaboo! Evie didn't start that until after she was one! He is so smart :)

Debbie B said...

Adorable little man! He's growing so quickly. Can't wait to see him walking and running all over the place soon. Are you planning his birthday yet?

sanjeet said...

I find it interesting that R thinks drinking from a sippy cup is hilarious also! It is her favorite passtime!
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