Sunday, June 20, 2010

Why Daddys are so Great!

First of all, happy second Father's Day to my amazing baby daddy. I love you, Michael...thank you X a million for all you do for Charlie and for our little are our greatest fortune!

By the way, giving him the whole apple wasn't Mommy's idea!

The other day, Charlie and I were out to lunch with a friend. We were standing at the register to pay our bill and when I opened my wallet to get my money, Charlie saw the picture of Michael sitting in my wallet. He pointed to it said, "Da Da." When I gave him the picture to hold, he put it up to his ear the way he does when I give him my phone. He wanted to call Daddy. It was adorable!

I've been thinking a lot lately about how mommys and daddys are different. I love that and think it's so great for the children. Sometimes, after I've been with Charlie all day, we both need a little change of pace and it's so refreshing for us to be with Michael.

One night this week, right before Charlie went to bed, he was sitting on Michael's lap. We gave him a drink of water, at which point Michael said, "Hey Charlie, show Mommy our trick!" I watched as Michael took the lid off the cup, let Charlie take a gulp and then stick his hands into the cup to swish the water around. I was thinking to myself, "I would never let him do that!" But you should have seen the grin on our son's was priceless!

The way papas play is two guys might make/leave a bigger mess than I do but they have so much fun together when it's just the two of them, it's awesome!


Rebekah said...

I LOVE this. God made the family unit the way it is because it creates PERFECT balance. I see that in our family too. That top picture of Michael and Charlie together is really sweet!

Natalie said...

Happy Father's Day to sweet to hear about Charlie wanting to call him. He must really love his daddy!

Meeghan said...

So our house it is the level of loudness. They play and wrestle with daddy so much louder than with me, but they love every second of it.

BB said...

I love the balance as well. Actually, sometimes that "balance" drives me nuts (when dada lets R do things Mama would NOT!), but I still appreciate it nonetheless!

R LOVES whole apples. She rarely finishes them, but I love to look at her little baby teeth marks in them. Melts my heart!

Happy Father's Day, Michael!


Debbie B said...

Haha!! Can't tell you how many times I've flinched at things Dave has done with Belle. But you're right, we make a good balance.

Jamie said...

i think one of the hardest things so far has been the "letting go" when daddy is in charge and doesn't do things the way i would! haha! :) it's a good thing though ~ i have found that the opposite is true in our house from time to time also. with as BUSY as milo is, i have to learn to choose my battles with him and when daddy comes home and sees him doing something asking "why are you letting him do that?" ~ it's because that's one battle i'm choosing to not to fight! :)

glad your family had a wonderful father's day!! :)