Saturday, August 14, 2010

Another Blogging Buddy

This past Wednesday, I had a chance to meet up with Wendy and her daughter, Zoe.  Wendy's blog is one I've been following for quite a while now, throughout their adoption journey and into the beautiful family life they have now.  There's something so remarkable about getting to physically meet someone who, for all intents and purposes, you already know really well.  There is a transformation that happens throughout the adoption process, and when that 's shared through writing, there is a kinship that is unparalleled in other encounters.  Wendy and I talked about the fact that, even though our IRL friends do mean well and do try to understand, there is just something about the world of adoption that they can't break into without having experienced it first hand.  It's comforting to spend time around other people--other moms--who don't have the same questions and misconceptions that are all too prevalent in so many other situations.  We had a great day, hanging out at the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum and then enjoying lunch at Zingerman's Delicatessen, followed by lots of great conversation while we waited out the afternoons' torrential downpours to subside.
We had a great day and considering we were accompanied by two little ones, we were able to talk quite a bit while the babies played or sat in our laps.  Great times!  



Wendy said...

We had so much fun meeting you and Charlie, Melba! Thanks for spending the day with us. The museum was a lot of fun -- what a great place.

I'm so glad to have met you - hope to see you and Charlie again soon!

Jill said...

Aww! Love the pic of Charlie holding on to Zoe's stroller and smiling! (Maybe a little competition for my Viv? LOL!) Glad you had a nice time Melba! It is true about hanging with other adoptive mama's (not that non-adoptive mama's can't be great friends!) they just 'get' you and your struggle.
Would love to meet you sometime too!

Debbie B said...

What a treat for you both. That's what I miss most now that we've moved. I have made a friend with a son Isabel's age but just the other day she made a comment telling me that I did it the easy way and didn't have to go through labor. Granted her labor was intense with an almost 10 lb baby but you know what I mean. It's like you said, without having experienced it she doesn't know how much a comment like that stings.

Brooke said...

What a fun afternoon for all of you! I love the AA Hands on Museum, and have totally made use of our membership. And we always make a trip to Zingermann's afterwards....which is sounding really tasty right about now :)

miraculouslymyownaz said...

So cool! It makes me miss you guys so much!

I really love the way babies love you, Melba! You seem to always get to hold two at once! :)