Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Home Visit

Well it looks like our home visit (one very important part of our overall pre-placement assessment) is probably going to be on Thursday, March 27th! It didn't take Elly long at all to review our papers. I'm SUPER excited and also SUPER nervous!! I've been reading a little on what to expect and, amongst other things, this is what I found:

"The most important thing to remember is to remain calm about the home visit – the purpose of the social worker’s visit is not to find ways to turn you down, but rather, to be able to confidently recommend you (and your home) as a great place to raise a child." That from Exploring Adoption, which is a web site with lots of valuable info.

Still though - all those old myths and things I've heard in the past about surprise visits and extreme nitpicking make me nervous. I know Elly is working with our (and our future child's) best interest at heart...I KNOW that...and yet I'm still all jittery inside. The other part of me though, is EXCITED, elated in fact!! It feels SO GOOD to be finally moving along. I've wanted be a mom...for such a very long time and now we are making progress toward that reality.

I feel like laughing and crying all at once!!!

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Duck Hunter said...

I'm sure you guys will do great!

Maybe offer cookies. It couldn't hurt. :)