Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sneaky Seventh Month

With so much going on around here lately, Charlie's seventh month sneaked right up on us!

Our boy is becoming quite a little communicator lately. He's definitely beginning to piece a few things together. He's clearly saying "Hi" when he sees us or other people he knows, and he also says "Da Da," although that one's not always in context. I can also tell he's working really hard to find the word for doggy, and to articulate both of their names. He stares at them intently a lot right now. I'm still waiting for the ubiquitous attempt at "Mama," but still nothing on that front. He also gets really mad now when he wants something he can't have. I wouldn't exactly say he's throwing temper tantrums, but he's not far off. We're going to have lots of fun as this little man becomes more and more autonomous. :)

We still have no teeth, which really surprises me. I've pretty much given up on saying he's teething because clearly I have no clue when those little buggers are going to make an appearance! The world of homemade baby food continues to be lots of fun for me. He likes almost everything we've tried so far, with the exception of green beans. I'm still offering him those off and on in hopes that he will acquire the taste, but we'll see. We tried turkey on Saturday, during my family's big Thanksgiving dinner.

He was pretty unsure about that, but the texture was pretty gritty so I don't blame him. I think next time we try turkey I'll mix it with something that has a better texture and see if that helps.

Our baby boy has quite a charming little personality emerging, which has been a lot of fun to watch. Every so often something will strike his funny bone and he will laugh so hard he almost sounds like he's crying. Last week it was my mom spinning the sun catcher on our deck for him, and the other day it was me pointing to the little red bird on his wall mural and saying, "Bird." I have no idea why those things were so funny, but I still delighted in hearing his laughter.

He's completely in love with bath time right now too, which is making me wish I gave him baths a little more often. I don't want to unnecessarily dry out his skin, but I do so love to see him splash and squeal the way he does. His daddy bought him a rubber duck that has a flashing light sequence and he loves that thing! He lunges for it in the bath without a care in the world.

The past month has been great, and extremely momentous! I'm very much looking forward to our first Christmas with this little man, and all the other great things his seventh month will bring!


Kel said...

I just love Little man! :D

H said...

And I say it again...this kid just doesn't have a bad picture! I especially love the bathtub one; so happy!:) Maybe mama will be his next word:)

E said...

The bathtub picture is awesome! C is growing up so fast. I can't believe (and I'm sure you can't either) that he is 7 months old!! Wow. What a cutie he is:)


Ashley said...

Adorable as always. I love the bathtub pic!!

Rebekah said...

I can't believe he's already starting to form words...I'm so excited that that's just around the corner for us!

Ty refuses to eat carrots. I, too, try to sneak them in everything and continue to feed them to him, but he's definitely not a fan! (Ben finds that humorous because he hates carrots)

And sitting up in the bath? Wow! I can't wait for that day either!

Happy 7 months, Charlie!!!

KLTTX said...

So cute! I love the bath picture. It looks like he is having such a great time.

RB said...

7 months?! I just can't believe it. Charlie is a doll.

Anne said...

Oh, he just too cute! Isn't mamahood awesome? It just keeps getting better and better too :)

Kelly said...

OMG!!! Melba, he is so cute! Isn't it amazing how we can love someone so much!! The bath picture is my favorite, but they are all so cute, it's hard to put a favorite on one!! Try putting a small splash of baby oil in the bath water if you want to bath him often and not dry him out. Skin So Soft from Avon in the water is nice too! Both make the bath toys a bit greasy though :(

Mrs H said...

HOW is it possible that kid is seven months old already?? Seriously! Time if flying by :-)

I'm so glad you're no longer waiting and you're well into the good times!

Mrs H

Cyndie said...


My daughter did not cut her first two teeth until the day before her first birthday. Be glad that they haven't come in yet. Our pediatrician told us that the later a child's teeth come in the stronger they will be and I'm sure you'll want Charlie to have strong pearly whites! He is so adorable! I enjoy seeing how big he's getting. And congratulations on finalizing your adoption!


Jamie said...

awww....such a little love bug! :) he is just so cute and seems so full of personality. i can't believe he's already forming words and connecting them to the object! is that advanced for 7 months?? milo loves his bathtime too ~ it's so fun to watch them splash around and think it's so funny. :)
how exciting is this ~ to finally be spending the holidays with our babies. :) i still can't believe that he's actually here....and he just turned 10 months old! :)

Malloryn said...

I love the pictures, especially the bath one! Great action shot. It's great to hear about all of the things Charlie is doing.

Debbie B said...

Isabel didn't get a tooth until 10 months but I kept saying she was teething since she was 2 months from all the drool. Just never know.

So nice to hear his updates. He's growing and changing so quickly. Iabel still doesn't care for many meats, chicken is the only one she eats regularly. Enjoy this next month with your little man.