Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Gift of Time

This morning I woke up to one of the best emails I've read in a while:
"Eastern Michigan University is closed due to weather on Feb. 10"
If it had been me sending out that bit of good news, I would have added about a bazillion exclamation marks to the message! The thing is, my university never cancels classes...and I mean n.e.v.e.r! Even when all the other colleges in the area are closed they usually remain open. Not only was this a much-needed gift of a little extra time, it was a hugely unexpected and glorious surprise!

I still had so much to do when I woke up this morning; a physics lab report to finish, a reading assessment packet to complete and type, an art exam to study for and take...amidst all the other everyday stuff associated with existing and being a wife, mom and homeowner. Turns out the art exam was unavoidable despite the snow day; however, taking one test online is far better than the jumbled multitude of tasks I thought today was originally going to contain.

When you're a busy, multitasking mom...days slip by like sand through an hourglass. Sometimes I look at Charlie and I honestly don't know how he's already gotten so big, or how he can already do so many things. Although one day doesn't seem like much in the grand scheme of things, having a little extra time on my side to spend with my baby really was a tremendous blessing for me. Today meant a lot and we made the best of it!

First Charlie got to have some practice feeding himself, which is something he's done but probably not as much as he should have by now. I'm admittedly bad at this aspect of baby parenting. I get irritated with the messiness of baby feeding and playing with food. I have to make an effort to remind myself that he needs to learn how to do it himself, which involves a great deal of food play and yes, mess. Seeing his delight really helps me let it go. All I can really say is thank goodness for dogs who are experts at catching what he drops!

He was one hungry "Li'l Dude" and spent
several minutes concentrating on getting food into
mouth. The tuna noodle casserole I made was a big hit!

As soon as I let him have the spoon it was all fun and games.

Little Man figured it our pretty quickly!

This past week he's mastered the skill of
clapping. Any time he's really excited this is what he does.

Seriously, with those eyes how could I
not let him make any kind of mess he wants?!

After lunch, we headed out for a romp in the snow. Michael works from home on Wednesdays so he was able to join us during his lunch break. Good times!

Charlie watching as I attempt to
make a snow person. My efforts were
futile, we ended up with more of a deformed
snow blob that didn't survive for pictures. Oh well!

Charlie wasn't too sure about sitting in the snow but
he had fun watching Daddy shovel for a few minutes.

Michael leaned down to show Charlie a snow ball
and the boy decided to give it a taste, too funny!

We've had a great day and it's not even over yet...I'm so grateful for this unexpected respite and for my beautiful little family!


Rebekah said...

Oh my gosh he is too cute! Ty is already grabbing for his spoons and I'm like you with the mess. I find if I take his shirt off, it's a lot less worrisome!

Love that snowsuit! (We had a snow day too, but mommy was too lazy to go play in it!)

E said...

Great pictures of your snow day! Good to see that you were able to take a little break from your very busy routine!

We had a snow day today too. Spring can't come soon enough!weather.

Brooke said...

Yay for snow days! We got out to enjoy the snow a bit as well! And good for you for letting him feed himself. I could never get past the mess, even though I told myself I needed to, and it definitely turned around to bite us in the bum. At almost three, she still doesn't like to feed herself :9

Jamie said...

looks like so much fun....and cold! :) i'm glad you had a little extra time today with charlie ~ looks like he enjoyed his day as much as mama! :)

Tracey said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE THE SNOW SUIT! I am very impressed with his eating....Samuel is 14 months and just now starting to try "human" food...he won't even touch a spoon....anyway...GOOD JOB CHARLIE!

Wendy said...

I'm so glad you all got to enjoy the snow day! Charlie looks so cute playing outside in the snow :)

BB said...

How wonderful! What a fun day! I LOVE the first picture of you two! Warms my heart!

Kel said...


sanjeet said...

Ty is already grabbing for his spoons and I'm like you with the mess.

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M.B. said...

Oh my kittens is he cute!

Malloryn said...

Thanks for sharing these great pictures! Charlie is adorable. I love the one where he's eating the snowball! :)

Becky said...

What fun times!!! So glad you had that day!

Andi said...

He is so precious! Can I steal him for a bit? He and KJ would have the BEST time together!