Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ten Months Today!

As unbelievable as it is, little Charlie is ten months old today. He's becoming quite the mobile little man and he's getting more independent by the day. He's still a social butterfly baby who wants to be where we are but he's beginning to want to investigate more than he has in the past. He is a fast crawler and he's even gotten brave enough to stand up without any support once or twice. His personality is endearing. He's loves to play games (he invents new ones every day!) and there's a lot of laughter around our house lately. :) During the past couple of weeks he started laughing when we laugh or fake coughing to see what kind of reaction he can get from us. Cute!

This morning after his wake up bottle he came into our room. We all fell back asleep for a little while and the next thing I knew, he was sitting up next to me in the bed, just looking at me. What a lovely sight to see first thing in the morning!

He's also beginning to test his limits in terms of what he does and doesn't want to do. He hates getting his face wiped after he eats (like most babies) and he's starting to protest diaper changes too. His mini-temper tantrums are a little funny, although I know it's kind of wrong for me to laugh at him. He's into everything right now and is consequently becoming quite familiar with the word, "No." So far we haven't had any major mishaps, although he has had a couple minor bumps. We're all getting the hang of rolling with the punches and laughing off the tumbles, though that's still hard for yours truly.

He's a big fan of kisses lately, which I love. He cruises along the furniture, giving kisses the whole way. I think he's thinking about giving the dogs kisses when he's doing that since they are usually on the couch just out of his reach. He will also crawl over to us in the middle of playing and give us kisses, its so sweet!

We've finally gotten quite a bit of snow here in MI during the past couple of weeks. I always make a point of talking to Charlie about what's happening, both inside and out. He seems to enjoy watching the snow from our front window and we've gotten bundled up and headed out to play whenever it's been warm enough. Apparently he loves to swing:

His favorite books right now are Goodnight Moon and The Rainbow Fish. I especially love the way he's started pointing at pictures lately. He can even find a few items in some of his books, like fish, birds, baby body parts, doggies and so on. It goes without saying that I am biased; however, I think we have a smart little guy on our hands! :)

This past month has been yet another whirlwind but it's been a joyful one. I'm on "spring break" from school this week and I'm very much looking forward to a little extra time with our baby. Although I am (of course) thrilled that he's happy and healthy, he's becoming a big boy a little too quickly for me! It will be a welcome relief to slow down a little, even if only for one week.


Evergreen said...

Don't you just go crazy for that baby laugh? I can't believe it's been 10 months! Amazing. Time is definitely moving too fast these days.

Tracey... said...

Samuel hates face wiping and diaper changes too...;-)

Mrs.Joe said...

That video made my morning. He is too cute!!

Patti said...

Ten months is one of my most favorite ages. It's like you get your first glimpse into toddlerhood, but they are still very much a Baby :)

Jeb LOVES that video! We just watched it 5 times! He is very very jealous, though, we haven't been to the swing in months, haha!

Rebekah said...

So fun! I've been a little taken aback by the sudden tantrums. I thought those were still months away!! :)

They make us laugh too, but we're trying to toughen up and teach Ty how to respond politely...

I LOVE the kisses and interest in everything. Each month truly DOES get better!

We've gotta get the boys together, this summer, when school slows down!

Jamie said...

aww....10 months already?! happy 10 months little charlie! :)
that was one of my favorite ages and we're only a few months ahead of you! :)
sounds like he is doing wonderful and i'm glad you have an extra week of time with him. That can do a mama's heart good!! :)

Wendy said...

I love Charlie's laugh - you can hear how happy he is! We were so happy to get outside last weekend when it was so nice, too. It feels like winter is so long here, and then when you get any little sign of spring - you're so excited!!!
Happy 10 months!

BB said...

I can't believe how fast they are growing up. I am continually amazed at the honor and awe I feel as Riley learns new things and grows. This mommy business is simply amazing!

SassyIfLady said...

I'm so glad I found your blog. I'd welcome any advice and thoughts. My hubs and I are thinking of adopting...

Your son is SO cute! Love the photo! :-)