Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Few Words

Little C. has been talking up a storm lately.  He likes to say words one time and then refuse to repeat them, leaving his mommy to wonder if he really said the word or if she just imagined it.  But he is learning so much right now and really seems to be trying to break the language code.

My favorite thing is when he looks right at me and spews off a long string of baby babble, complete with inflection and varying pitch/volume/tone.  He's clearly saying something important, I just don't know what!

Last night as we walked two houses down to visit one of my best friend's, Nancy, he saw her yard and said, "Nacy."  That was it though, he refused to say her name again the rest of the night.  Then this morning, as he pulled my glasses off the headboard of our bed to hand them to me (which he does every morning) he said glasses, only he didn't clearly pronounce the "gl" part.  Yeah, that was funny.  He also said umbrella tonight when we were having dinner with my parents out on their deck.  It sounded surprisingly clear (umbedda) but yet again, he wouldn't repeat himself for anything!  His other current favorite words are duck, truck, fishy, up (upeee,) uh-oh, brush, yay (as he claps,) no (sounds more like none,) varying animal sounds and hi or hello.



Anonymous said...

Riley is so at that spot, too. I get all giddy and silly when she says new things, but she wont perform again! It is funny how different the words are. Like she doesn't say "no" at all, but captain and sweetie she says a million times a day! Kids are sooo funny!

Ashley said...

LOVE the new look of the blog. :) :) Let's just say Declan's favorite thing is when he gets to eat and always yells "fork, fork" impatiently. The only problem is, he doing pronounce the "r". Whoops.

Ashley said...


Dave Gerhart said...

I love the very serious string of babbling! They look at you like they've made a strong argument...I'd love to know what they THINK they're saying.

Debbie B said...

My inlaws dog is named Sassy. Isabel loves this dog but for the longest time couldn't pronounce the S. Great memories of our kids saying cute things.

So cute that he hands you your glasses in the mornings. If I thought Isabel wouldn't throw them leaving my blindly looking for them, I'd let her do that as well.

Debbie B said...
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Evergreen said...

So awesome! It's like watching his brain work. And impressive words - umbrella! What a smarty pants.

joven said...

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Jamie said...

such a smart little guy!! milo does the whole serious conversation thing too and really looks at me like he expects and answer....and a good one! :)
i love the story about the glasses! so funny! my nephew used to pronounce his "t" as "f" ~ imagine how it sounded as he screamed to his mommy that at "fire fuk" was going down the street!! ;)
these kiddos......they amaze me every single day.
hugs to charlie ~ he's growing up so fast!