Friday, July 2, 2010

Kissing the Curls Goodbye!

Today was a big day for our little boy. He had his very first hair cut! I think this is what he wants to say about the experience:

Lord have mercy, that picture makes me want to start crying all over again...he surely does know how to push my buttons! But, although he wasn't a happy camper, he did survive and manage to recover his composure pretty quickly, not to mention the fact that he looks absolutely adorable (and oh so much older) post-hair cut!

To be honest, the whole experience was overwhelming for me...and I think for all of us. I had it in my mind that we needed to go to an official barber shop, someone who knew what they were doing when it comes to caring for and handling African-American hair. Problem was, we didn't have an appointment and it was harder than you might imagine to find someone who was willing to take a walk-in for a baby. The place we finally did locate was the fourth place we stopped. I'm glad they were willing to do the job because otherwise I would've given up at that point.

Here's the little guy, as happy as can be...blowing raspberries while we waited our turn.

And here's the obligatory "after" shot, once he had calmed down a bit. Where has my little baby gone??

They did a great job and I would definitely go back BUT...we had to wait for almost two hours for our turn! Yes, TWO HOURS sitting there in uncomfortable chairs, trying to keep our toddler occupied and at the same time well-behaved. If I had known it would be that long we would have changed plans but the time kept ticking by little by little. I didn't really want to leave and lose our place in line but patience was worn pretty thin by the time all was said and done. Also, holding Charlie while he cried and tried desperately to release himself from my grasp was not a pleasant experience. Even though the actual cut didn't take that long, it was exhausting. I had intentions of keeping his hair a little longer than it is but because his curls were so thick, the clippers kept getting stuck. At the barber's suggestion, we decided to clip it all off. Although I do miss the curls and would have preferred to leave some hair, I couldn't bear putting him through any further misery. I guess the great thing about hair is that it grows back, right?! I'm glad that experience is behind us...I hope the next time (when he's a bit older and we're better prepared) will go more smoothly.


M.B. said...

He is so cute! I love the hair cut! You're right... it's amazing how he suddenly looks so much older!

Tracey... said...

You are brave...I've been doing all the cutting myself (not a good job) at home....I don't think I'll take him to a barber any time soon...he hates men...and as it is he swats my hand when I try to cut...maybe he'd be more patient with someone else.

Denver Jen said...

That's definitely a memorable first hair cut! You're right- he does look so much older- but very handsome!

joyce said...

Aww! Hard to believe but he's even cuter with his big boy haircut.

Richele said...

oh, those tears! i bet you cried just as many - i know i did at our first haircuts.

we took our 3 to a specific kid place that had little airplanes and cars to sit in - that helped.

now that i've watched it a few times, i've done brandon's myself (wahl peanut clippers from sally's with a number 4 guard). i know i'd mess fletch and jess' up, so they still get salon cuts - but b's is easy as long as the hair isn't too long.

Dave Gerhart said...

He looks great!! We did the traditional AA barber shop a few times and I tipped them extra since he was so squirmy. I finally started doing it at home with a cheap pair if clippers from Wal-Mart. We can take as long as we want and he seems to enjoy daddy doing it.

Rebekah said...

I remember when Josiah got his first little haircut, too! My goodness does Charlie look older with that buzz cut! I think it's adorable, I haven't mustered up the courage to take Ty in, yet, but it's getting to be time! :)

Laurie said...

Oh he looks great!! We called around until I found a kids hair cutting salon that had African American hairstylists that work there called Cool Cuts 4 Kids. they have been great!! it is pricey but he gets to play mario kart while she cuts his hair and when he was little he loved sitting in a hot rod car chair. Try a child friendly place next time. until he needs the front "edged" around age 2, anyone who knows how to cut boys hair can do it!

P.S. we put Carol's Daughters hair milk on our son when his hair is short like that and use a boar's head brush. Just wanted to pass that on!

Anonymous said...

Oh my word! He looks so much older! *snif* What a cutie! It sounds like your first experience was quite tough, but he sure does look adorable!

Evergreen said...

Wow, he looks like a kid now! I'm sorry it was such a rough experience on both of you, but the good news of getting it cut shorter is you can wait longer to go back! Man, he is cute!

E said...

Still a cutie, curls or no curls! But you knew that already;) Wow, it's been a while since I checked in, but he really has grown! Time really does fly.

Jamie said...

awww.....that sad face makes me want to cry! such a handsome little dude! we just got milo's first "big boy" haircut ~ took him to a kid friendly place with videos, etc. still had to bribe him in the chair with a sucker, cookie and "mommy's" lemonade which takes MUCH better than his. ;)
hopefully things will go more smoothly next time. you have a patient little dude ~ milo would have NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS lasted that long waiting.....:)

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