Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Well, it's Done!

And yes it's now 4:36 a.m. For some reason I've been having a little trouble sleeping lately so I figured I might as well use the time to be productive! In this case the dog needed out, which usually means a quick trip to the door and back to bed, but I can't fall back asleep at the moment.

But...drum roll please...I finished our adoption album! I had been planning to finish the project later today when my sister comes over, but now I'm a couple steps ahead of the game. My next task is to make a rough copy of the file (it's a digital album) so I can be sure spacing, wording, etc are all good prior to the final printing. Whether or not to "go digital" was a big choice for this. I've only done a couple of other digital scrapbooks, in a sea of traditional ones, so it was a little weird for me. There is some tactile sense missing with digital albums, but the process is so much easier, which won me over in the end. Digital albums are also so much quicker because you avoid the whole process of printing photos first. So anyway...for better or worse...that's what I have. I do like the album, it looks pretty sweet. I'm using the new "Story Book Creator Plus" software from Creative Memories, so there's a lot more variety and many more design options than in some other online photo books I've seen.

We'll see! The most important thing is that it's done and I do think it's a fairly good representation of us as a couple. I hope it gets us where we're going!! For now I'm off to give sleep one more chance.


Tracey said...

We finished our album does feel good to be one step closer....sleep tight! God Bless

Brooke said...

Another blog for me to follow :) Best wishes on this journey, and I will be reading along the way

Tracey said...

I had to share...check out our post today! Praise God! One step closer!