Monday, July 20, 2009

Michael's Grumbling

OK I tried to post a comment but couldn't ... so I'm going to write a Blog entry...

Mommy Melba way to go for some husband bashing ;0)

Oh dear what have you stirred up?

Can I really let a comment like:

"Michael has a tendency to get home and go about his business, forgetting the fact that we have a baby boy for whom we need to care."

pass without rebuttal?

Seriously how could anyone forget about Charlie? ;0) I'm merely acting on standing orders from Mommy Melba... something along the lines of

"when you bring Charlie in leave him in his seat for a few minutes and don't wake him up let him sleep"

It's not my fault Mommy Melba hasn't countermand the directive ;0)

This also goes for those chores... the ones that Mommy Melba said that she is doing... the ones she hasn't quite got around to trusting me to do... like laundry of the diapers etc.

These chores are the ones that Mommy Melba has specifically told me she wants to do... So when I ask about them she says she'll do them.. I can help but No I'll do it wrong... I actually like doing laundry...

DO I complicate things?? In my defense what Mommy Melba misses to point out is that my 'over complications' are made to make my time with Charlie more effective...

I have to make use of the time I've got. So I roll feeding, changing, playing and bonding into a late night power block when I get home. Sure it's a little unconventional but so is my schedule. I fit everything in before Charlie goes to sleep.

If I have to stop and think about it.. you know it does actually work for us... including letting Mommy Melba have time to catch up with her blogs while Charlie and I bond.

It doesn't bother me that I have to figure it out by myself it just means I don't have to trip up on all the pre-conceptions and padded baggage of what the latest care an advice is.. BTW I don't like Sophie the Giraffe...

All I know is that I can get up at 4am go to the kitchen make a fresh warm bottle of formula for Charlie and be back to feed him all within two minutes... I do it my way and I just get it done...

I'm not saying who taught Mommy Melba how to get all the air out of the bottle before a feeding but I'll just say its way easier and more effective way than the method I was taught ;0)

Grumbling Daddy Michael


Jamie said...

this is hilarious! :) i'm sure a lot of daddy's would have a lot to say in rebuttle to our mommy grumblings. :) way to go michael ~ i always like to hear both sides of the story. :)i'm sure you're doing an AMAZING job!! :)

E said...

As they say, there's always another side to the story! I love that you posted! My husband would have to agree with you on the laundry...he enjoys doing the laundry (so much so that I have to keep some of my clothes out of his reach for fear he'll throw them in the dryer when not appropriate....he's not into looking at tags). While I try to bite my tongue while he's folding towels, I often find myself redoing the job. What can I say...tri-fold is better! lol

Thanks for your 'grumblings''s very interesting and refreshing to read a male perspective! You and Melba are a great team, I'm sure!!

LL said...

Oh this was a hoot! thanks Michael for giving me a good laugh and telling your side of the story. I wonder if Mama Melba is going to give a rebuttal to Daddy Michael's?

Becky said...

You guys are cracking me up!!
Welcome to parenthood!!! Esp. after being 'alone' together for so long!! ;o)

Tracey said...

I love hearing from the Grumbler! Great post!

Anonymous said...

Michael: When Melba says she needs to do the chores herself, what she's really saying, in guilty Mommy-speak, is that she thinks they belong to her. She wants you to say "no, honey, you do too much, let me help" then don't let her argue. :) I'm sure you're doing a great job, but no matter how much you help Melba will probably be feeling a bit overwhelmed for the next several months!

Melba: teach Michael how to do the diaper laundry. J knows how to do it and I'm so glad I taught him. It's so nice to hand him the bag and say "please take care of this" and know that I don't have to think about it again until I fold them! Just write out your instructions and tape them to the top of the washer as a reminder. :)

Melba said...

Hmmm, leaving a comment on my own blog - this is a first for me! I'll admit, Michael does make some valid points, but he also points out (yet again) just how different men and women are with how they process things! We also seem to remember/interpret things I've said entirely differently. :) I wonder how/when

"when you bring Charlie in leave him in his seat for a few minutes and don't wake him up let him sleep"

became an hour plus of time for Charlie and Mommy while Daddy went about his business??

But hey...there's nothing like airing all your dirty laundry (hopefully this doesn't smell as bad as a bag of diapers!) for the world to see. There is something freeing in that, I think. At least we're having fun!

Thinking...I wonder what I can write about so I can quickly bury these posts under something new?!

P.S. It's MAMMA Melba, not Mommy Melba...and Sophie the Giraffe is Charlie's favorite toy! Oh...and I almost forgot to mention one of the golden rules around our household:




Anonymous said...

Sophie the Giraffe is quite special!

LL said...

we have Sophie the Giraffe too and Shelby LOVES her. Some may think she is a glorified dog toy, but she is worth every penny she cost.

TXMom2B said...

LOL. I'm glad that Jim doesn't post on my blog:-D

BB said...

This just cracks me right up!! The lighthearted banter is so healthy!

Sophie is a bit glorified, but who are we to question our little ones and their toy preferences???