Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Me...with a baby registry?

YEP! We did it, we went to BRU and registered yesterday. I have to be honest, I share many of Rebekah's thoughts on the awkwardness of this experience, but I'm still glad we went. The conversation with the registry clerk was only slightly odd. She was very nice and good at her job, details and all. I felt comforted by the fact that adoption was listed on the paperwork, that was an affirmation of sorts. The weirdest part was when we had to make up an "expected arrival" date because the computer won't accept a TBD date. I chose April '09 out of the blue, and then she had to give us the schpeel about how registering early can mean you'll have to make more updates because products change... The thing is...we're NOT registering early! We're not registering early and we're not registering late, we're just registering since we have no idea WHEN our baby will make his/her grand entrance. They really should have a way to leave the arrival date pending for people like us! I don't want to spend too much time reiterating the thoughts from my previous post, but did I mention I am VERY frustrated by all the unknowns of this waiting process? The only other weird thing was all the VERY pregnant women we were sharing the aisles with. Pregnant women don't bother me anymore, they honestly don't...but it was a little odd to look around and realize I was the only one without a huge bump in front.

All that aside, I DID manage to convince hubby to park in the "expectant mothers" stork parking spot, even though he was reluctant at first. I told him you guys would all be mad at me if I didn't park there since we've sort of made a point of it and all. here's a photo that might make you smile, I couldn't resist:

We did pretty good up until the bedding section, which was problematic because there was honestly nothing there that either one of us really if I'm being honest, I still sort of have my heart set on a round baby bed, even though husband doesn't get my fascination with them at all. We'll see what happens! I'm sure I'll add to our list off and on, especially once we learn more about who/when our baby will be, but for now we've got the basics on our list, and I feel slightly more like a real expectant mother, if only slightly!


Nancy said...

Good for you, Melba. Glad you took this step. Also, glad to see you in the expectant mother zone.

Debbie B said...

Yippee! Congratz to you. I've never been brave enough to park there.
I know what you mean about the date. It's very frustrating but that's part of the search looking for people so I don't see that changing. I'm just glad that adoption is an option when setting up.

Dave likes the round bed too but we have a handy-me-down from niece so I'm not complaining.

Oh and one good thing about Targets registry, they e-mail you when something is going to go away. We were registered at both places.

Rebekah said...

I hear you friend, on all accounts! Bumps don't bother me anymore, either, but I sure felt like a fish out of water surrounded by them! I picked our expectant date as November me an optimist, call me crazy, I just didn't know what else to pick, so I chose our shower date.

I also LOVE the round bed, but couldn't stomach the price!

I think I'm going to register at Target, as well. There aren't that many BRU's around and I think it will make it a little easier for those that need options! :)

Tracey said...

Glad you took the big God knows your trusting Him....things will start moving now! God Bless!

Ashley said...

You ARE expecting! Good for you for parking in that spot! Love it!

Kathleen*Bass said...

Congrats! My hubby and I just registered a few weekends ago, and you are is surreal and overwhelming and confusing and terribly exciting, all at the same time. I hope you get news SOON...I feel ya on this whole waiting thing....we are right there with ya!

Becky said...

So glad you got registered and that you parked there!!! :o) Cute pic!!

Cari said...


Did you have a hard time finding things that could be for a boy or girl?

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Good Luck!!

alicia said...

yay how fun!! I am so glad you guys did that. ahh dosen't make it feel more real now? Like you are really going to be a mom soon! ahh so excited for you.