Sunday, April 25, 2010

Celebration Shoes

What better way to celebrate Mr. Baby's new walking abilities than to buy him...SHOES!

You want to know one really quirky thing about me? I could pretty much care less about shoes for adults (very unladylike of me:) but when it comes to kid shoes, hold me back! I LOVE the things...seriously! I have major issues parting with any of Charlie's baby shoes because they remind me of how sweet and little he once was. I mean he still is but know what I mean.

So anyway, we went to Pay.Less today and they had their usual BOGO sale, which I fell for, exactly as they expected. That's where we got him the sandals and tennies, then I went on an outlet mall shopping trip with my girlfriend this afternoon and she and I found a great deal on the rain boots. Every little person needs rain boots, right?! :)

So there you have it. Little C. is officially hooked up for all the gallivanting we plan to do this summer. These are all size 5 and he currently measures at size 4. I'm hoping they'll fit reasonably well for now and leave him a little room for growth over the next few months.


Hoping for a Miracle~~ said...

Love them! I love shopping for shoes for little man too, but boy is its hard to find shoes for boys sometimes!!!! Especially now that he is walking I want some with good soles if you have an Striderite outlet near you they have some good deals! My little guy measures at a 4.5 so we buy 5's too, you should be good to go!

Also we found these little Squeek Me shoes on vacation in Tennessee and little man LOVES them! The squeek when he walks (which I thought would drive me crazy, but really doesn't!!) and you can take the squeeker out if you want, so cute and its supposed to help them with learning to walk!

Rebekah said...

Ty owns more shoes than I do and the kid isn't even walking, yet! It's so fun :)

Jamie said...

How fun! :) I loved buying Milo's first little pair of shoes ~ there's just something magical about that moment. :) Although Milo's first pair were size 5 at 10 months. :) Then at 12 months he was in size 6! He has huge feet!! :) I see these little tiny shoes that little ones are wearing and Milo wouldn't have be able to wear them at birth! haha! :)
Such an exciting time for your little family! :)